"I am writing to praise the professionalism and know-how of Gabriela Matthews, who won my extremely difficult, two year long custody case.  I will never be able to thank her enough for all she did to gain me custody of my three children. She taught me to begin with the end in mind. She prepared me for the trial before we even filed the first pleading in the case. She identified the key issues right up front. While preparing for trial, she was invaluable in helping me sift through years of facts to focus on those that would be most important to the Judge. She focused our preparation and court time on my relevant facts, which not only saved me time and money, but also allowed us to persuade the judge.

Gabriela's wisdom and skills made the incredible complexity of my divorce seem manageable. Her efficiency and knowledge of the law and the Judges gave me confidence knowing that my case would be taken care of. At a time in my life when I felt I had lost so much due to my separation, she reassured me of my strength and empowered me to make my own decisions.

Gabriela has an amazing ability to exhibit strength and poise in a courtroom while showing compassion to her clients. When a good friend of mine later needed a family attorney, I immediately sent her to Gabriela. After my long experience with her, she is the person I would recommend to any one in need of a family law attorney - because you will not find a better lawyer. Her expertise, integrity and commitment to her clients are incomprehensible. You can trust her with your most precious assets."

Biotechnological scientist, mother of 3.


"Hello Gabriela,

This Father's Day I thought of you,and the difference you made in my life. My daughter just turned 18 and graduated high school with honors. When a neighbor of ours died last week, my daughter told me that she would prefer a slow lingering death over a sudden death, because "then I'd get to say goodbye to you Dad."   Thanks for helping me retain shared custody of my kids."

James, father of 2.


"I found Gabriela Matthews by pure luck on the Internet searching for divorce attorneys when I separated from my wife of 20 years. I found her to be extremely intelligent, very non-judgmental, compassionate and understanding throughout my entire divorce process.  Gabriela is also very open to ideas that are not her own, unlike most attorneys whose egos won't let them think outside the box unless it is their idea. Gabriela quickly embraced and implemented several of my ideas throughout my divorce process.
As an airline pilot married to a stay at home mom, I had an enormous amount to lose if my case went to court. Gabriela quickly perceived that I was a typical airline pilot, one with an "A" type personality, who likes to be in control all of the time.  So she adjusted to my needs by being accommodating with letting me participate in my case as much or little as I wanted.  Gabriela had an innate ability to give me room to "run with the ball" yet to know when I needed her to step in to provide me the guidance needed to stay on the correct path.   In several instances, she stepped in and saved me from making some very serious, long-term, and costly mistakes.

Gabriela was also very sensitive to the fact that divorce is not cheap and let me do much of the grunt work which other firms would do themselves and of course charge for. I never felt I was getting frivolous emails or phone calls to pad the bill, yet, Gabriela continuously kept me apprised of how my case was progressing.  I never once had to call her office to ask how my case was going, unlike other attorneys who are never available to even take or return your call. Anytime there was communication from opposing counsel, I was promptly notified via email. It appeared Gabriela was always available, one time she even answered my emails on a Sunday night! You won't find too many divorce attorney's that are dedicated to their clients like that.

While Gabriela Matthews & Associates, P.A. may not be the largest law firm in the Raleigh/Durham area, I can personally attest to the fact that bigger isn't always better. Gabriela's twenty years of experience proved invaluable throughout the process and in the end I felt and had time and again proof of the fact that I received far superior representation than my ex-wife received from the larger, more expensive Raleigh firm she had hired.

Gabriela Matthews has my highest recommendation if you are looking for a divorce attorney. Her experience, knowledge, intuition, passion and compassion gives her an edge over other attorneys in the area."

Commercial airline pilot


Trying to decide whether or not to get a divorce has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do. When I initiated my search for a lawyer, the first lawyer charged me $150 to watch her play with her dog for 15 minutes and say she wouldn't be able to help me. The second lawyer did not charge me but stated she could not help me and suggested I find a lawyer in the state where my husband resides because we are in two different locations due to our jobs, the third lawyer charged me for an over the phone consultation and stopped returning my calls and I never got scheduled for the consultation. So when I saw the ad for a free 30 minute consultation with Gabriela J. Matthews & Associates, P.A. I thought what do I have to lose except time since all of my other experiences were not helpful to my situation. I called to schedule and despite my crazy work schedule the communication was constant until I had my over the phone consultation with Ms. Matthews. She went through several options for the process; she LISTENED to my concerns and made a situation that I have dreaded for years seem possible.

I just want to thank you and your staff for all of your help.



Tell Gabriella that she is the best investment I ever made towards my  happiness, she was worth every penny!  I am glad she was my attorney.



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